About Me

I am a young professional & puppy mommy. I am known to be a compulsive organizer, calm under pressure, and viciously goal oriented.  I like to find the humor in every situation and I love making people laugh. I have a degree in Psychology from James Madison University and have been working in the mental health field for seven years. I am an advocate for disarming the power of mental illness stigma to include the stigmas we place on ourselves.

‘Stop signs in the rearview’ is a metaphor for those unexpected moments that stop us in our tracks, but eventually become nothing more than part of the road that led us to now. Only when you glance back can you see how far you have come.

The foundation of my blog is self-disclosure, honesty, and openness. In a world where social media tempts us to strictly portray our best selves, I strive to reflect on my real self in hopes that others can identify and be unashamed of the struggles that have made them who they are.


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