the rings

Here’s the thing. Over the past year, it has been eye-opening to experience the judgment and skepticism that has followed our decision to wear rings. Now don’t get me wrong, I have never felt the need or desire to get on here and announce our situation or explain it. As someone who was divorced at 27, currently unmarried, a non-parent (by choice) in an age gap relationship, and wearing two rings on my finger, you can bet your bottom dollar I have heard it all. I have been asked it all. I can’t imagine what it must be like for those who have taken an even more “non-traditional” path than I. But I feel like this message is important and something I really believe in –

It is 2019 and we are lucky that we live in a world that allows us to make our own rules and honor our own values. We are free to dictate what commitment, love, family, fulfillment and happily ever after looks like. And it can look very differently depending on who you ask, because we were all born with different hearts and we all have different stories. And think of how many possibilities we are fortunate to have – single for life, dating, married for life, divorced and remarried, co-parenting, co-parenting while dating, common law marriage, gay marriage, open marriages and relationships, casual relationships, long term relationships, age gap relationships, polyamory, blended families, one child, many children, no children, families born by way of IVF, adoption, fostering, surrogacy, single mothers by choice. The list goes on and on. Yet there are plenty of people who still select their own, ONE option as the standard of success and stability. It is just sad, and really faulty math. I wish people who have made or are wanting to make a life choice for the sake of love or their own happiness, can do so and ignore the fear of their path being too “taboo”. Not everyone has to agree or understand, but we all have the right to surround ourselves with people who accept. Period. So here are my non-traditional, radical, mold breaking, “confusing”, “fake”, BEAUTIFUL rings, the most symbolic ones I have ever worn.

(and yes that is also a new bottle of Britney Spears Curious perfume for those of you who were teenagers in 2002😂)

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